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Related project

Three FP7-ICT call 7 proposals aimed at developing digital solutions for empowerment and inclusion: ASC-Inclusion, MASELTOV and TARDIS.

  • ASC-inclusion proposes to use virtual agents to support training of children on the Autism Spectrum in recognizing and manifesting emotions. As with Maseltov and Tardis sensing technologies are proposed by this project.
  • MASELTOV, which focuses on the use of social networking to facilitate socio-cultural integration of migrants, relies on mobile platforms and cutting-edge sensing technologies such as eye tracking glasses.
  • TARDIS focuses on digital gaming for empowerment and inclusion – specifically on professional inclusion as a booster to social inclusion.

The three projects can be seen as complementary, because they share much in terms of their respective methodologies (user-centred iterative design), technical solutions (all three propose to rely on the serious gaming paradigm to deliver support and to motivate the users) and in terms of the context of application (in all three projects the target population has special needs, either socially and economically determined, or neuro developmentally conditioned).

A first clustering meeting was organised Thursday, April the 19th at Brussels. More information about this workshop is given here.

For collaboration between these 3 FP7 european projects about DGEI (Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion) clustering, a wiki is available here.