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Tardis in research media

TARDIS Research IN Media


The TARDIS project was mentioned in 2012, in two article of the CNRS newspaper and in Le Monde in an article about Alan Turing.

At UPMC, an interview was done with a journalist from 'Les échos' and an article will be publish in the future.

On the website of, an article about conversational agent mentions the TARDIS project at this address:

At MLVOE, a journalist has assisted to the first prototype experiments and discussed with the researchers about the TARDIS project. An article has been published in the Goussainville newspaper " Goussainville, ma ville", in 2013.

One newspaper article in the "Mittelbayerische Zeitung" was published in August 2013.

One newspaper article in the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" was published in October 2013.

One TV appearance on the "BR alpha" channel was done within the show "Hochschul-Visitenkarten" which aired on the 12.10.2013.

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On the 23-24 January 2012, we participated to the DGEI (Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion) Experts Workshop in Seville. This workshop with 36 experts of the domain was the occasion to present the TARDIS project to the European DGEI community. This event was organised by IPTS (The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies) that is a scientific institute of the European Commission that aims to build EU policy-making. The aim of the workshop was to discuss lessons learned, key drivers, opportunities and limitations of different approaches, practice and policy initiatives already in place, as well as to define the main issues to be addressed taking stock of existing knowledge and results from the field. For more details about this workshop, you can refer to


Following that event, a second meeting in Brussels was done on the 16 of October 2012. A short presentation of our key challenges in the TARDIS project was done. The workshop goal was to debate the different challenges and potential actions (on the part of business, research and policy stakeholders) in order to define priorities and potential time-line for action in the domain of Digital Games for Empowerment and Inclusion. Details about this event can be found on this link:


These meetings result in a document published in October 2013 by the IPTS about “The Potential of Digital Games for Empowerment and Social Inclusion of Groups at Risk of Social and Economic Exclusion: Evidence and Opportunity for Policy”.You can find this document online here:!.

This report addresses the potential of digital games to support social inclusion and empowerment (DGEI). It is based on a range of theoretical and empirical data, brought together for the first time in this and associated reports.