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User and advisory board

User board

  • Digipro training center, Paphos, Cyprus

Digipro was established in Cyprus in 1990. Digipro enables organizations to improve business performance, develop their systems and offer their people lifelong training and motivation. They encompass a wealth of expertise in Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs), Business Consulting, Executive Education and ICT hands-on workshops. They are a learning design organization involved in educational program research and development using technology as a platform for Enhanced Learning.

Their mission is to provide specialized and innovative services that are primarily focused on continuous development and total quality assurance.

Contact: Kyriakos Christodoulou and Chryso Chrystodoulou


  • Media Citizen, London, UK

Media Citizens Ltd is a digital communications company providing online publishing platforms, apps, video and content production to clients ranging from large to medium sized private businesses, charities and the public sector. We have expertise in providing web based solutions for companies that want to get a little more from our integrated planning, combined with publishing services and content creation. It gives NEETs a first experience and supports their job-inclusion. Media Citizen participated in several TARDIS studies in London during the participatory design phase of the project.

  • Mission Locale Val d'Oise Est, Goussainville, France

For almost 30 years Mission Locale welcomes and takes care of youngsters from 16 to 25. In the entire France 1,2 millions of youngsters beneficiates from the services of the 471 structures of Mission locale spread on all the national territory. As for the Val d’Oise area where there is 7 Mission Locale, 25 000 youngsters are welcomed there each year. They offer a global care in employment, formation, health, housing, culture and hobbies. Mission locale is not only partner in the TARDIS project, but the first member of the user board. They have participated actively in the TARDIS system design and several experimentations were conducted in Goussainville to design and evaluate the TARDIS approach. MLVOE is part of a wider network of Mission Locales in France, that welcomes thousands of NEETs every year.

Contact: Khadija Zonkan and Rhadia Rosse


  • Dynamique Emploi, Evry, France

For more than 35 years, Dynamique Emploi has been a major actor in employment and formation in the area of Essonne.
A team of professionals is there to bring adapted solutions and advices to young and older job-seeker but specialize also in formation and professional orientation.

Moreover its relation to businesses and its skills research expertise allows it to offer businesses profiles fitting their recruitment

It will use the TARDIS system for training purposes with NEETs and job-seekers.

Contact: Corinne Franjus


  • YMCA London South West, London, UK

YMCA LSW is a registered charity, working in south west London and Surrey, with a particular focus on young people. They are one of the largest YMCAs in Europe and have been serving their local community for almost 135 years.

They envision a Christian charity where people can come as they are; be met at their point of need and come to know life in all its fullness.
They will lead in the provision of quality programmes that change people’s lives through housing, fitness, children’s and youth work.
Based at four main centres and operating from numerous other locations, they provide a range of services to our local communities, including supported housing; children’s work; sports, health, exercise and fitness; youth work; residential care homes; catering services and conference facilities; short stay hostel accommodation and community programmes.
While each YMCA is an independent organisation, providing services tailored to the needs of their local community, collectively the YMCA is the largest and oldest youth charity in the world.

Since the YMCA was founded by George Williams in 1844, the YMCA has grown to become a worldwide organisation reaching around 45 million members in 125 countries, with 135 YMCAs in England alone.


Advisory board

  • Fred Garnett, Institute of Education, London, UK
  • Ellen Helsper, London School of Economics. Department of Media and Communications, UK
  • Cornelius Konig, Univ. Saarland, Germany
  • Lucas Paletta, Joanneum Research Center, Austria
  • Giannis Papadimitriou, DIASTASI, Greece
  • Bjoern Schuller, University of Munich, Germany, and University of London, UK
  • Antigonos Sochos, Department of Psychology, University of Bedfordshire, UK
  • Sofoklis Sotiriou, Research and development department of private school Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Greece